Sport: A positive platform in a pandemicpk10模式长期稳赚app下载线路线路

How can firms even think about growth at a time where their primary product, live sport, is no longer available for fans? History and data have taught us that when brands act effectively in a time of crisis, they emerge far stronger than competitors after the event. So, what can sports brands do to remain relevant when disappearing is not an option? >


Brand resilience in the time of COVID-19pk10模式长期稳赚app下载线路线路

We are all in uncharted waters. None of us know the ultimate impact COVID-19 will have on society, business or ourselves. For brand leaders this ambiguity can be both paralyzing and terrifying. >


Regenerating an iconic brandpk10模式长期稳赚app下载注册代理

Duracell’s famous copper-and-black color scheme reborn in new pack design across Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. >


Why the boat?pk10模式长期稳赚app下载注册代理

Because we’re always in motion. Because we’re nimble. Because our founder Walter Landor boldly established our company on a ferryboat docked in the San Francisco Bay—and because that spirit of adventure lives on in us today. >